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An assault conviction can impact a person for years down the road, which is why anyone facing these charges should hire a competent McAllen, Texas assault lawyer who can fight for their rights from the start. Contact the Law Office of Angel Davila today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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Without a Hidalgo County, Texas criminal defense lawyer on your side, you run the risk of spending time in jail, facing high fines, and having your reputation ruined upon receiving a guilty verdict. Our firm is here to help prevent that from happening.

Simple Assault Defined Under Texas Law

Here in Texas, certain assault charges are referred to as “simple assault.” A person is guilty of an act of simple assault when he or she intentionally, recklessly, or threatens to cause bodily injury to another. A person can also be charged with simple assault for taking part in “provocative or offensive physical contact” with another person. Note that “bodily injury” refers to cuts or bruises, not broken bones or other serious injuries.

Penalties for Simple Assault Charges in Texas

When someone is convicted of simple assault, they will face various penalties, depending on the circumstances of the alleged assault. Typically, simple assault is a Class C misdemeanor but can be elevated to a Class B or Class A misdemeanor if certain aggravating factors are present, such as if the person assaulted was elderly or a sports official. The penalties for misdemeanor assault in Texas are as follows:

  • Class C: A potential $500 fine.
  • Class B: 180 days of incarceration and a potential $2,000 fine.
  • Class A: One year of incarceration and a potential $4,000 fine.

You should note, however, that there are certain cases where simple assault may warrant felony charges. For example, when someone causes bodily injury to a police officer, nurse, or another type of public servant, or a pregnant woman, they may face third-degree felony assault charges. The penalties for third-degree felony assault charges are anywhere between two and 10 years of incarceration and a potential $10,000 fine.

Aggravated Assault Charges in Texas

When someone intentionally or recklessly causes serious bodily injury to another, or when someone uses or threatens to use a deadly weapon while committing an act of assault, they may face aggravated assault charges. Typically, aggravated assault is considered a second-degree felony. For second-degree felony aggravated assault charges, a person can expect to face anywhere between two and 20 years of incarceration, as well as a potential $10,000 fine.

It is worth noting, however, that though aggravated assault is typically a second-degree felony, it can be considered a first-degree felony if the assault occurred under certain conditions, such as the offender using a deadly weapon during an act of domestic assault and causing serious bodily injury to the victim. For a first-degree felony assault charge, a person can expect to face anywhere between five and 99 years of incarceration and a $10,000 fine.

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The bottom line is that if you are currently facing assault charges of any kind, it is paramount that you retain the services of a knowledgeable McAllen, Texas assault lawyer who can fight for the full compensation you deserve and need to heal. Contact the Law Office of Angel Davila today to schedule your free initial consultation with our firm.

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