Can I Get an Occupational License in Texas?

If your license becomes revoked or suspended due to illegal activities, you may still need to operate a vehicle. Whether you need to get to work or school, failure to attend meetings or classes can have detrimental effects on your life. Luckily, some states offer the opportunity to obtain an occupational license, allowing you to operate a vehicle under specific circumstances. If you require one of these licenses, contact a McAllen, Texas DWI lawyer to help you receive the best outcome.

What Is an Occupational License?

If your license is suspended or revoked after a DWI charge, you will not be able to legally operate a vehicle. However, many states offer conditional licenses, which allow those without a legal license to drive a car under a strict set of rules.

In Texas, conditional licenses are also referred to as occupational licenses, as they are mainly for those with jobs who will experience economic hardship as a result of an inability to travel to work. You will likely be restricted to the purposes for which you can drive, routes you are permitted to travel, and the hours when you can travel.

How Do I Apply for One?

In order to apply for an occupational license, you will need to file a petition within the county court where you were arrested and charged with the DWI. The requirements for eligibility will vary slightly based on the jurisdiction, so checking the prerequisites before submitting your application is essential.

You will need to submit documents to the court in order for them to issue the license. This includes a copy of the petition, all applicable fees, including the occupational license and reinstatement fees, and a copy of a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate or form SR-22. These will need to be submitted to the court before an occupational license can be obtained.

In some instances, you may need to go through a waiting period, depending on different factors. For example, if your license was already suspended due to a drug or alcohol offense, there is a 90-day waiting period, whereas if you were convicted of an alcohol-related charge, you must wait for 180-days before the occupational license takes effect.

What Do I Do if Approved?

If you are approved for a conditional license in Texas, you must ensure you always have the correct documentation. You should always have your proof of SR-22, the occupational driver’s license, and the court order for the license with you, as failure to drive without these documents is a misdemeanor.

You will also need to ensure you only drive during the hours you are allowed to operate the vehicle and only travel the documented routes. Failure to adhere to these guidelines is also a misdemeanor. If you need to adjust the time and locations you travel, you must return to court to have the documents changed.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Though navigating the process of obtaining a conditional driver’s license in Texas may seem simple, retaining the help of a professional lawyer can help ensure you get the best possible outcome. The last thing you want is to get denied for the ODL because you misrepresented yourself in court. Instead, the law firm of Angel Davila, Esq. can help fight for you in a court of law. Do not wait to contact us today.