How Will a DWI Impact My Insurance Rates in Texas?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a severe crime in Texas, carrying heavy consequences that can impact your life for years down the line. Not only can it cost you in terms of your freedom, but you can also expect to pay a significant amount of money in the wake of a DWI conviction. Between the $2,000 fine and increased insurance rates, a DWI can put a substantial financial strain on your life. Whether you’re guilty or not, keep reading to learn why you need to contact a McAllen, Texas DWI lawyer who can help fight the charges.

Will My Insurance Rates Increase After a DWI?

Following a DWI charge, you can expect your insurance rates to increase significantly. In Texas, insurance carriers do not have to cover those with a DWI charge, despite being a mandatory requirement for drivers to have insurance coverage to drive a vehicle.

Many insurance companies will label those with DWI charges as “high-risk,” leading to extremely high premiums. Generally, Texans with DWI charges can expect to see their annual payments increase by 50%. This does not include the $2,000 fee you must pay to the state or the additional fee of up to $2,000 to retain your license for the years following a conviction.

How Long Will It Impact My Rates?

In some cases, you can experience a disruption in your insurance premiums for the rest of your life after a DWI charge. However, you will notice immediate changes in the three years following your conviction.

You must pay for an SR-22, which is a particular proof of insurance that those convicted of a DWI must obtain and carry in Texas. This is required for two years following your arrest. However, your insurance rates can stay higher than usual for up to ten years after a DWI conviction.

On top of the increased insurance rates and SR-22 certificate, you will pay the additional fee of up to $2,000 annually to the state to retain your license. This is required in the first three years following your conviction.

Can an Attorney Help?

When facing a DWI charge, reaching out to a lawyer is essential. Though you may think the effort is futile, an attorney can examine the situation in an attempt to explore all possible defenses. This includes looking at the legality of the stop, whether or not the breathalyzer was working properly, or if the officer conducting the field sobriety test did so correctly.

If you’re in trouble, don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out for help. At the Law Offices of Angel Davila, we are dedicated to fighting for you. We will do everything in our power to help you receive the best possible outcome for your specific circumstances.