What Are the Alternatives to Incarceration in Texas?

Incarceration is a common penalty that comes with committing a criminal offense. However, the state of Texas provides sentencing alternatives that you may be able to fight for. The purpose of an alternative sentence is to enable reform while still ordering a justifiable punishment for the defendant. Follow along to understand the possible alternatives to incarceration and how a proficient Hidalgo County, Texas criminal defense lawyer of the Law Office of Angel Davila can help you in achieving this.

Are there alternatives to incarceration in the state of Texas?

First, it is important to note that your eligibility for an alternative sentence to incarceration depends on the seriousness of the offense you committed and whether you have any prior convictions.

That said, a common alternative to incarceration is a diversion program. This program makes it possible to divert your case from the criminal justice system. Notably, you are only eligible for this alternative if your offense is considered a misdemeanor or a nonviolent felony involving alcohol or drugs. And once you complete this program, your criminal charges will be dropped. Common types of diversion programs include the following:

  • Pretrial intervention programs
  • Deferred prosecution programs
  • First-time offender drug programs.
  • Drug court diversion programs.
  • Mental health diversion programs.
  • Veteran diversion programs.

In addition, house arrest is an alternative sentence that the state of Texas offers. This option will allow you to serve your prison sentence while staying at home. Meaning, that you will have to wear an electronic monitoring device on your ankle that will alert the authorities if you go out of the permissible range. The two forms of house arrest are the following:

  • Radiofrequency electronic monitoring: this is a traditional ankle bracelet that will transmit a signal once you step outside a certain area.
  • GPS monitoring: this allows your whereabouts to be tracked and monitored.

What are other common alternatives to incarceration?

Also, a common alternative sentence to incarceration is community service. The Texas judge may order you to a certain number of community service hours to give back to the community that was harmed by your criminal offense.

And lastly, there is probation, otherwise known as community supervision. This is an option that eliminates or reduces the time that you may be sentenced to incarceration. However, if you violate the terms of your probation, the Texas judge has the power to impose any sentence allowable under Texas law.

You should take advantage of the alternatives at your disposal. Do not hesitate in giving a talented McAllen, Texas criminal defense attorney a call today so that you can have a strong defense that may help you avoid incarceration.

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