What if I Am Charged with Criminal Contempt of Court in Texas?

Being charged with criminal contempt of court will likely just make matters worse for you. This is because you may be penalized for this offense in addition to being penalized for the offense in question in your underlying legal proceedings. Continue reading to learn what consequences you are up against and how an experienced Hidalgo County, Texas criminal defense lawyer at Angel Davila Law can fight to get you out of this situation.

How does the state of Texas define a criminal contempt of court charge?

A Texas judge will charge you with criminal contempt of court if you conducted yourself in a manner that defied or disrespected the Texas court’s authority and hurt their ability to properly administer justice. This charge is likely used as an attempt to deter you from any future acts of contempt.

You will receive penalties for your criminal contempt of court regardless of the outcome of your underlying proceedings. Additionally, if this charge leads to your incarceration during your proceedings, you cannot negotiate your release regardless of your willingness to comply with the Texas court.

How does Texas differentiate between direct criminal contempt and indirect criminal contempt?

In the state of Texas, direct criminal contempt of court is defined as poorly behaving in the presence of the court and interrupting the proceeding at hand. For example, this charge is applicable if you shouted profanities at the Texas judge during your hearing.

And as for indirect criminal contempt of court, this is defined as poorly behaving outside the immediate presence of the court. However, such behavior can still negatively impact the proceeding, such as if you inappropriately communicated with the jurors outside the courtroom. To prove this offense, testimony from third parties must be given to the Texas court.

What happens if I receive a criminal contempt of court charge?

Unfortunately, a criminal contempt of court charge commonly results in jail time and/or a fine. Your incarceration may begin immediately after, or even before, the charge is adjudicated and the sentence is decided.

With this charge, you hold the same constitutional rights as a criminal defendant, so you should use this to your advantage. They read as follows:

  • You hold the right to counsel.
  • You hold the right to put on a defense.
  • You hold the right to a jury trial.
  • Your offense must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

For help with your defense, do not hesitate in reaching out to one of the McAllen, Texas lawyers as soon as you can. Our firm will work on your behalf to reduce or altogether eliminate the penalties placed against you.

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