Edinburg, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you were recently charged with a crime, you need a competent Edinburg, Texas criminal defense lawyer on your side. Our firm is here to fight for you and your rights through each phase of the process ahead. Contact the Law Office of Angel Davila today to learn more about how we can help you.

Criminal Defense Lawyer | Serving Clients in Edinburg, Texas

Here at the Law Office of Angel Davila, we understand that our clients are more than just clients–they’re people who either made a mistake or are being wrongfully accused of a crime, and their futures are at stake. Our job is to help these people stay out of jail and go on to live productive, free lives, and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Our Legal Services

Our firm proudly represents clients facing legal issues in Edinburg and throughout the state of Texas. Just some of the criminal cases we handle are as follows:

Whether a Misdemeanor or a Felony, You Need an Attorney

Anyone facing criminal charges should understand they have a lot on the line. Even misdemeanor charges can warrant serious penalties that can impact their lives for years down the road. For example, certain misdemeanors and felonies can both entail years of incarceration, high fines, community service, license suspensions, probation and more.

Additionally, when someone is convicted of a crime, they will develop a criminal record. Unfortunately, even after a person serves their jail sentence and pays their fines, a criminal record can continue to burden them for even the remainder of their lives. For example, when someone develops a criminal record, they will often find it more challenging to gain employment. They may also be ineligible to rent certain places to live, or even secure certain loans. This is why anyone who is facing criminal charges shouldn’t proceed without an experienced Edinburg, Texas criminal defense lawyer on their side.

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